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Chiefs Choose to Chug Towards Championship

Before the season started, ESPN came out with a preliminary list of rankings for each team in the NFL.  The Kansas City Chiefs found themselves at #8 on this list, one spot behind divisional rival Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders.  

This spot was fair at the time, but the Chiefs had the difficult task of playing the opening game against the first ranked team and Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots.

Going into this game, the Patriots were favored by nine points, the biggest underdogs the Chiefs had been in the four years Andy Reid had been head coach.  Kris Tinoco discussed his expectations at the beginning of the season compared to now.

He said, “I didn’t expect them to have 5 wins at this point in the season, I expected them to have a few more losses… it’s been a surprise.”  

At halftime, the score was 17-14, and the narrative of a Patriots victory remained the same.  While Alex Smith had been playing more aggressively, and pushing the ball downfield, as well as Reid’s play calling, the Patriots were playing like they had the year prior.  Then, Chance Jeffrey, Junior, was asked about how he felt at halftime.

He said, “I was slightly worried, because the Patriots usually win when they are up at halftime, but I felt we had a good enough team to come away with the win.”   

Then the fourth quarter happened.  

Going into this quarter, the Chiefs were down 27-21, and it was looking like the Patriots would win.  Then, a miracle happened and the Chiefs scored three consecutive unanswered touchdowns, and won the game 42-27.  Alex Rodriguez had strong feelings about the “miracle.”    

He said, “It was incredible, nothing had really happened like this to the patriots in a while, so I was in awe, and I believed everyone else was as well.”

This was major news, as many had predicted the Patriots to go undefeated, being they had won the Super Bowl and then “won” the offseason in their acquiring of assets.  This also put the Chiefs on the map as a team to be afraid of.  Mark Ferguson had some opinions on how he believed this changed how some teams looked at the Chiefs.

He said, “This win really put us on the map, as up until now nobody had taken us seriously, and everyone had already penciled the Patriots in to win, this put the league on notice, and showed everyone we were not to be taken lightly.”

Now in the past two weeks, the team has faltered a little.  A heartbreaking loss to the Steelers, whom the team has been 0-3 against in the last two seasons, including a playoff loss.  Then, the week after the Chiefs were beaten by division-rival Raiders, after the Raiders got 5 un-timed tries to score inside the ten-yard line, and eventually they succeeded.  The team looks to bounce back in a big way, and defeat the Broncos October 30 on Monday Night Football.