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An Underdog On The Rise

Girl’s golf may be considered the underdog of South sports.  

“I think golf is underrated because people don’t understand how hard it actually is,” says freshman Chloe Bowman.

The golf girls team members agree that the sport is underrated. Last year, girl’s golf didn’t even get their picture in the yearbook, according to Freshman Katie Means. But why is this?

“No even cares about golf, it’s the stupidest sport I’ve ever seen,” says freshman Ella Duncan.

This is a prime example of people’s mixed emotions toward golf. Some people purely don’t find entertainment in the sport, but others do.

“I can definitely see why a lot of young people don’t enjoy watching golf,” says Means. “It’s not a spectator sport.”

The girls on the team say that they take great interest in the sport. Freshman Skyler Simpson says that even though the season is over, she still enjoys going out to the driving range and hitting some balls.

The team has seen great success this year. They placed in sectionals and districts, and had two members of the team advance to State.

Sadie Franklin, junior, opened with a 98 on Monday and improved to a 95 to finish at 53-over and alone in 83rd.

“I think this year our success has been greater compared to other years because of our competitiveness and how we want to win,” says Bowman.

Why is it important for golf to get more recognition?

“Our school tends to focus more on sports like soccer, volleyball and football. I don’t think the girls who went to Districts and State got enough credit,” says Means.

The girls encourage others who have interest to join the team next year. The season runs from the end of summer to late September.

“It’s a lifelong sport that you can play for the rest of your life, and you make so many good friends along the way. I recommend it to anyone,” says Bowman.

Golf isn’t just hitting balls and the boring sport people lead it to be, says Simpson. She agrees that there’s a plethora of reasons golf deserves more recognition.

“One of the most fun things about golf is the people and different schools you meet, it’s really interesting. You also get to just spend time with your friends,” says Simpson.

While golf may not get the recognition it deserves, these girls prove it’s not as boring as it’s made to be.