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An Act of Pure Evil

On September 6, mass murderer Stephen Paddock rained open fire over the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas, leaving 58 people dead and 489 wounded.
Paddock made his sniper nest on the 32 floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, with 23 firearms in his room. After the shooting, lasting around 10 min., Paddock takes his own life, bringing the death toll to 59.
Even though South students may not have been directly impacted by this act of terror, the school population is shocked at the deadliest mass shooting that the U.S. has ever seen.
“Who wasn’t shocked? No one was expecting someone to shoot up a concert in Vegas,” said Stephen Personelli, Senior.
The only question that investigators still don’t have an answer to is, ‘why did he do it?’
Most shooters have reasons that are found within a day or two, maybe a suicide note, a phone call, or even police reports that provide insight into a history of violence.
Paddock left none of these signs, the only seemingly ‘unethical’ demeanor he exuded was a tendency to stay up all night gambling.
The only explanation investigators could find was a severe mental illness. Investigators have found Valium tablets in his room, which are commonly used to treat a number of mental illnesses such as anxiety and panic attacks.
This operation of terror is best explained by President Trump as, “An Act of Pure Evil.”