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A Night to Remember


The Homecoming Dance was Sept. 16 and students had a variety of reactions about how this dance compared to other years.

Ryan Hammond, freshman, thought the DJ was alright and had heard that a lot of people said he was garbage. He said the music was a little quiet because of all the people.

However, he said that the dance was fun and that it was cool to see your friends in non-school scenarios. He had Bravo before the dance and went to a friends house after the dance and it ended there.

“I asked someone I liked and that I wasn’t going to ask someone I didn’t like,” said Hammond.

Grace Nixon, junior, said that the DJ was ok and that she wasn’t really paying attention. She liked the dance she got to see all her friends and had a great time, she went to her dates house after and met his dogs she said it was lit, she said she liked the person she went with.

She said he was nice and “I feel like I have to say that because you are interviewing me about it.”

She went to the national clubhouse and had the chicken marsala.

“It wasn’t as fun as years past, the djs songs weren’t as good as last years,” she said.

Joe Leluga, senior, thought that a lot of people had problems with the DJ because the music selection wasn’t recent and people were just not feeling it. He said the dance was alright and that he’s personally not a huge dancer, he went and hung out with some of his friends at one of their houses after the dance, yes she looked great and kept the vibe going and was very enthusiastic. He ate at trezo mare and had the chicken alfredo.

“It was better than prom because the DJ was surprisingly worse,” said Leluga, but wasn’t the most exciting dance he has been to.