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Being a senior can be a roller coaster. Finally reaching the year every high school student waits for. But there’s a infectious attitude running rampant around the senior population. It’s most commonly known as Senioritis. It’s accompanied by being incredibly unmotivated, exhausted, and basically just ready for the new year to already end. And every student swears they won’t be that Senior, but they find themselves in that position.

Some students have remedies for Senioritis. For one senior, Danielle Beaubien, her future college options are what keep her going.

“I’ve been getting college letters since the beginning of Junior year, and science is really the thing I want to go to college for. I want to be a surgeon.” Beaubien said. She has taken almost every science class South offers since she moved here sophomore year.

Another option to keep motivation to finish the year are hobbies, whether in-school or outside of it. Senior Drake Chandler-Gilliland occupies his time with football his last year.

Senior year is admittedly the year students wait for, but it’s important to avoid the dreaded senioritis and take precautions.