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Rage Cage Pumping up South’s Fall Sports

The Rage Cage at Park Hill South High School has been a school tradition for many years, and helps motivate athletes this fall.

They are a group of students who go to events to cheer on their team and support their school. The Rage Cage will attend Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball and many other sporting events this fall.

Several Seniors are appointed as leaders and their job is to promote the events, choose themes and lead chants. Many freshman are “scared” of them because if they think they aren’t cheering loud enough they will go up to the freshman section and scream at them.

“I think the freshman think it is lame to cheer so we have to yell at them to get them to,” said Senior Zach Nay.

Friday Night Football games are the main event for the Rage Cage. All the students pack in shoulder to shoulder in the student section at District Stadium. Many chants are led and the students remain on their feet for the whole game.

“I really like to see all the student come out and support the team, It really hypes up the boys,” said Wide Receiver Coach Clay Lehnert.

Some think that the Rage Cage gets too crazy, with kids crowd surfing and jumping around. During the Park Hill vs Park Hill South Football game on Sept. 1, many fights broke out and they had to end the game early.

“I don’t think things get too crazy, we just like to have fun and cheer for our school,” said Freshman Ty Ecton.

The Rage Cage will continue to support Park Hill South teams this Fall helping them to victory.