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Rage Cage or Rude Cage?

If you have a twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen the beef between the rage cage leaders and the student body lately. Most of the support from rage cage goes out to sports like football, or soccer. Football has a consistent schedule, a game every Friday which makes it easier to keep up with. It’s also super fun to go to and watch because of the hype and the atmosphere. It is definitely the most popular sport for our student section to show up to. Athletes from other sports on the other hand such as softball, are getting offended by the amount of people not coming to their games, and the number of tweets other sports’ games are getting rather than theirs.


I am in cross country, and this is my third year doing it. Not once have I ever seen a student from South’s rage cage come support at a single one of our meets. But, I am not over here complaining and giving the rage cage leaders a hard time about it. Yes, cross country is a difficult sport to come watch because it’s on a Saturday morning and some meets are further away, however that doesn’t mean people can’t come.


Now I get it, cross country isn’t something popular for our students to go to, just like the other sports like softball, baseball, golf, swim, and tennis. The schedules are harder to keep up with and tweet out, and students just aren’t as interested in going and that’s just the way it is. In my opinion, it really shouldn’t be that big of a deal to make twitter drama over. You just have to realize that some sports just aren’t going to get as much attention as others, and accept the fact that not a lot of people are going to come.