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Quite Dreamy

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Quite Dreamy, where I will be telling you guys a story, but not just any story, one of the crazy dreams I’ve had. Now with no further ado, let’s begin.


It all started on a nice day, it was at roughly 11:00 am, and it was about 80॰F no more no less, with a 25% chance rain coming at 3 pm from the southeast.

I was walking through English Landing Park, playing Pokemon Go (Yeah, I still play that game. Fight me). I was playing my game and all of a sudden, a giant dark rift appears in the sky right around the bell tower in Park University.

I thought, “Wait, crazy aliens coming out of space portals is a thing? Cool.”

I turned the camera app on to take a picture. But then, when I tried to take a picture, it didn’t appear on the screen and I thought, “How odd, how come I can see it, but my camera can’t?”

Then one guy started looking at me and said, “What is that guy doing?”

Another guy said, “Taking a pic of the bell tower I’m guessing.”

Then the other guy said, “Understandable. Have a nice day.”

I thought, “What the heck just happened?”

Then, the sky got dark, because there was a solar eclipse, and then it started snowing. Then the rift shape-shifted into the Death Star, and a ninja came out of the middle of nowhere

He said, “Ninja Ginger. The world has gone into disarray again. Use your powers to save us,” then he disappeared.

I looked at myself and saw I was wearing all black. I looked at myself through my phone and saw I looked like a ninja, with the black clothing, black face mask, the sword holder backpack, and the red headband covering my eyes with eyeholes in it so I can see.

I thought, “Hahahah, what’s going on?”

Then a cyborg as black as night jumps in front of me and said, “Ninja Ginger, now you perish,” and it reveals its eight arms and pulls out eight lightsabers, all black colored blades.

Then I said, “Well, this’ll be fun,” and pulled out two lightsabers, purple and red, from my sword holder, and we engage in the most heated battle in all of history.

Whenever one side seemed to get the upper hand, the other side would use a clever trick and gain the upper hand.

I ended up cutting off two of the cyborgs arms, and he was left with six arms. He then said all the inappropriate words in existence, (that I will not say because I will get in trouble, very big trouble if I do).

The entire time I was thinking, “How did that happen,” but the cyborg got back up and yelled, “Let’s finish this,” and we resumed our duel.

Out of nowhere, a laser from the Death Star shot a tree and it turned into all different kinds of cookies.

I thought, “Oh bother,” then continued my fight with the cyborg. I then cut off four of the cyborgs arms, leaving him with two arms to fight, and said, “Now the fight is even,”

He said, “Silence. This is where I end you,” but then he short-circuits and explodes because too much snow got on him and the lightsabers melted it into water. Then the Death Star exploded, the solar eclipse and snowfall ended, and everything went back to normal as if nothing had happened, except for the tree that turned to cookies, everyone started eating the cookies. I looked at myself and saw I wasn’t wearing ninja clothing and weapons, and I was like, “What the heck just happened?” Then I woke up.

Well, that’s the end of that dream. Thank you all for tuning in to Quite Dreamy, come back next week to hear another crazy story. See ya all later.