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Quite Dreamy

Hello guys and welcome to another installation of Quite Dreamy. I hope you guys will be as entertained as you were with the previous ones. Anyways, without further ado, let’s begin.

It began in a surreal world, almost like some sort of pocket dimension. Purple swirls and green wavy lines everywhere. I had that feeling like I was in some sort of dimension you’d in in The Twilight Zone. I started walking through this odd dimension and I saw this weird light ahead of me. Part of me told me not to the light, but in the end, curiosity killed the cat. I made my way towards the light and when I went into it, I covered my eyes for a few seconds since it was so bright. Then it started getting dark enough to where I could uncover my eyes, but when I uncovered my eyes, I was in the house my family rented in Florida during our summer vacation. I walked through and looked around, and it looked like I was alone in the house. I checked the driveway, and there was no car; I was alone in the house.

I thought to myself, “How did I get here and how do I get back?”

But my question seemed to have been answered when I heard the TV say, “MARIO KART WII!”

I said, “Am I supposed to play this to get back?” remembering how I won $25 at a Mario Kart tournament at South my sophomore year. This seemed like a test of skill to see if I still had it since the tournament. And the only way to get back was to play my way back. Without a second thought, I started playing.

I got through the first race, getting first place due to my skill in the game, and I saw that my location changed. I wasn’t in the Florida house anymore, I was at the hotel in Kentucky that I stayed in the night before I made it home from the Florida trip. Oddly enough, although I remembered the TV there not having a Wii, I was still playing Mario Kart, I still had the Wii Remote, and the small TV had Mario Kart on it. It was like somehow the whole console transferred sets without the game turning off.

I thought, “This is weird. I remember being here, but it was only a TV. Why is there a Wii here too?” and I played the second race, trying to piece together what’s going on.

The second race, much like the first, resulted in me winning first place, and once again I noticed I changed locations. This time I was in the Spanish room where the tournament was originally held. I then realized what might be going on.

“Whenever I win, I change to a location in my memory. What happens when I lose?” I wondered. So I decided to purposely lose the next race to see what happened.

When I lost the race, I saw I had gone back to the Florida house. Then everything made sense.

“Whenever I win, I progress closer to getting out of here, and when I lose, I start all over again. So I’ve got to make sure I don’t lose.”

So I went back to playing, determined to win the races. I zoomed through and won all the races that got me to the Spanish room. I won that race and I teleported to my own household, but the races weren’t over yet. The final level in the game was on the screen and I knew I had to win in order to get out of this loop. So that’s what I did. I got first place once again and then then there was a giant earthquake, the Wii and Wii Remote disappeared and the TV was blank. I went outside and saw that the sky had turned red. Then a giant black hole appeared in the sky, sucking up everything in its path. I tried to run, but one cannot easily run from black holes, so I got sucked up.

Then I awoke from my dream, once again from the alarm clock awakening me. I sat up in my bed and thought, “Why did I have this dream? What does it mean? Does it hint to something in the future?”

After a few minutes, I dismissed the thoughts, but I remained ready in the event something similar or worse were to unfold.

Thank you guys for tuning in to yet another installation of Quite Dreamy. If you have any dreams that you want to share, feel free to drop by; I’ll listen, and possibly have your dream featured in a future installation of Quite Dreamy. Thank you again and as always, I’ll see you all next time.