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Quite Dreamy

Hello and welcome to another installation of Quite Dreamy. This story will be as interesting as the last one(hopefully) and just as exciting and interesting. Let’s begin.

It started when I woke up in a bright, cloudy place. It was quiet and felt peaceful. I immediately got the feeling that I was in heaven.

I thought, “Wait, if I’m in heaven, then I must be dead. How did I die?” I pondered with that question for quite sometime, for I did not know.

Then I went further through the clouds and I saw a golden gate, protecting what looked like a beach resort and a theme park combined. When I got closer, I saw a small desk in front of the gate, and standing at the desk was Morgan Freeman.

I ran up to the desk and asked, “Who are you?”

Morgan Freeman replied, “I am God. And you must be Scott Brewster.”

I said, “Yes, that’s me!! But how did you know…oh yeah, you’re God. You know everything. But how did I die? This doesn’t make any sense.”

God answered, “Don’t worry, my child. I will make sure everything makes sense when we’re finished with our conversation. For your first question, how you died, you died of gingeritus.”

Confused, I said, “Gingeritus?”

God laughed, then he said, “You seem to have fallen for your own joke. Typical of you, but in honesty, the real way you died was from a poisoned snickerdoodle.”

I asked, “A poisoned snickerdoodle?”

God replied, “Yes. You were making snickerdoodles one day and one of the cookies accidentally got a bit of rat killer on it, but you didn’t see it. And out of all the cookies to do a taste test on, you ate the poisoned one. You then died a couple of hours later. But don’t worry my child, beyond these gates are cookies that are not only delicious, but are free of any poison.”

I then asked, “Oh, well then. Anyways, how do I get through these gates?”

He then straightened up, saying, “Allow me to transport you through. I do it this way so demons or people who don’t belong in heaven don’t get in.” And with that he snapped his fingers, and I was past the gate.

I looked behind one last time and God waved at me. With that, I went on to go explore this place which is now my home for the rest of eternity. First I stopped at what looked like a bakery and I went inside and saw cookies everywhere.

I asked the angel clerk, “Excuse me. How much do the snickerdoodles cost?”

The angel clerk smiled, and said, “My friend, in heaven, everything is free.”

Excited, I said, “Ok. Then I’ll take a plateful of snickerdoodles,” and just like that, a plateful of snickerdoodles.”

I took a bite of a snickerdoodle and immediately I was overjoyed. The cookies tasted so good, they were just like the cookies I made for people back when I was alive. I finished the cookies and put the plate in a trash can conveniently right next to me.

Then I wondered if there was a place I could stay when it became night, like a house or something.

I pulled out my cell phone and I thought, “I wonder how I can contact God,” and immediately my phone started calling God and I exclaimed, “Wow, that was quick.”

God picked up and asked, “Hello Scott, is something wrong?”

I replied, “No, nothing is wrong. I just wondered if there is a place that I can stay for the night, like a house or something

God exclaimed, “Lucky for you, I have things all covered. Now that you’re in heaven, you can teleport anywhere you set your mind to. You can even teleport to Earth, although you won’t be able to interact with any mortals there. You can see them, but they won’t see you and they’ll walk through you like you’re a ghost. Anyways, when you think of your dream house, you’ll appear in your dream house, which has all the features you want since this is heaven, and peace and happiness in heaven is eternal.”

I said, “Wow, that’s very clever.”

God happily said, “I’m glad you agree. Is that all you need?”

I said, “Yes, thank you,” and we both said our goodbyes and hung up.

I then started to picture my dream house, but before I could picture it, I heard a voice say, “Hey Scott”

I turned around to see who it was, but before I could, I was woken up by my alarm.

Awake, sitting in my bed, I wondered, “Who was that? What did my house look like? Is this a vision of what the future is to look like?”

I pondered for a few minutes, for I did not know, and dismissed the thoughts, for it was just a dream.


Thank you everyone for tuning in to Quite Dreamy. I hope this dream made you intrigued enough. If you have any dreams that you want to share, feel free to drop by; I’ll listen, and possibly have your dream featured in a future installation of Quite Dreamy. Thank you again and I’ll see you all next time.