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No Bake Oreo Custard

Hello, i’m Andrew Robaska, a junior at Park Hill South and i’m in newspaper. This is my blog, so far i’m thinking of doing it all about food because I enjoy making food but we will see how long that lasts.

Last night I made a oreo custard dessert that i’ve never made before. The whole process of making it went pretty well, it was pretty straight forward. Although, I didn’t keep enough brownie to sprinkle on the top of the end so it didn’t look nearly as good. Also it didn’t really get as hard as I expected it too after it cooled. When I cut it into a piece it didn’t stay together to well and kind of just fell apart on the plate.

Although it didn’t stay together very well, it tasted just as I expected. The custard tasted amazing especially cold, the texture was really creamy which I liked. Also the oreos below the custard added a great crunch to it.

Overall I think it was a success even though it was a little messy because it didn’t stay together at all, it still tasted great and I would recommend.