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“I Have No Regrets,” Girl Skips Homecoming

Senior Evelyn Martin didn’t go to the Homecoming dance this past Friday. When asked why not she said, “I just didn’t want to.”

Martin didn’t go to the dance, but she did dress up.

“I spent $60 on a mani-pedi, $75 on a dress, $40 on hair and makeup, and paid $12 dollars for the ticket,” said Martin.

Martin spent a total of $187 on a dance that she didn’t go to.

“I like dressing up so I got all that stuff, took a couple of pictures by myself, posted it on social media and binge watched Parks and Rec on Netflix,” said Martin.

Martin had even bailed on group plans to get dinner and take pictures before the dance.

“I can’t believe Evelyn just bailed on us! We made reservations for 16 and her not coming made us an odd number, so all of our pictures were uneven,” said Emma Parks.

Martin’s other friends were worried that she missed out on a special memory.

“It’s her senior year, I think she would have had a lot of fun, and I think she’ll regret not going in the future,” said Jonathan Minks.

Martin disagree with Minks.

“I have no regrets, I feel better that way. I didn’t want to go to Homecoming, so I didn’t go,” said Martin, “What’s the problem with that?”