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Homecoming: Fun or Failure?

The Park Hill South Homecoming Dance was just last week and many students were in attendance. However, some enjoyed it more than others.

Of those students Allison Hermelink, sophomore, was one of many who thought that it was a great experience.

“I had a lot of fun. I really didn’t have any problems with the dance,” she said.

Of course there was a very sizable amount of students that didn’t attend the dance. Sophomore Tristan Bramlet was one of the students that chose not to show.

“I didn’t have a date and I thought I’d have a better time hanging out with friends instead. It didn’t seem worth my time,” Bramlet said.

The dance itself wasn’t perfect, however, and one crucial problem that several students had problems with was the DJ and the music he played. Jacob Womack, sophomore, said he had a great time at the dance but that the Dj was very underwhelming and “trash”.

That wasn’t the only problem, though. Another issue that people had with the dance was the organization of the dance. The beginning line to turn in your ticket and go inside was the peak of the problem for Womack.

“We showed up to the school and waited in a huge line with only one person checking kids to get in. I think we might have waited half an hour in that line before ever even getting to dance at the dance,” said Womack.

Once the dance got underway though, many students found it enjoyable to be able to see their friends at school in an environment that wasn’t pressured by school-work. Both Hermelink and Womack said that once they got inside it was an overall great time.