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Brave Floridians Prepare to Battle Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma lashes the southeastern United States, some brave Floridians have banded together to fight the storm. 59,000 people pointed fans towards the hurricane, which to everyone’s surprise, proved futile. So Florida, being a Stand Your Ground State, came up with a different plan. They would shoot at Irma.

So far, Irma is still barreling through the coast. But they continue to give her hell. Some people however are not convinced that this plan will work. Even the Pasco County Sheriff tweeted out not to shoot at the storm.

Some are saying that shooting at the storm “won’t work” based on “scientific fact”, but others disagree. When asked about the warnings not to shoot at the storm, Beau Buford, junior, had this to say, “It’s bullshit. Sorry these people are trying to come up with a solution. And who knows? Maybe this would work. Yeah, scientists are saying it wouldn’t work but they don’t know everything.”

Maybe this onslaught of bullets won’t stop the beast that is Mother Nature, but nevertheless the idea has captured the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Floridians have something valuable in the face of danger, hope.