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Band: Together We Can Make a Difference

Bands of America (BOA) is one of the biggest marching competitions for high school marching band. Park Hill South’s Marching Panthers will compete at a BOA super regional held in St. Louis, Mo.

Several of the band students say they are excited for it this year and that they had a great time last year while watching the other bands compete. Freshman Glen Wright said that he thinks that it is a really important competition.

Junior Ryan Summa said, “It allows band to experience higher competition and understand what the next level looks like.”

Senior Devyn Hogan, marched Euphonium until her junior year and is on the Color Guard her senior year.

She said, “BOA sparked a fire I hadn’t seen in all four years I’ve been here.”

Park Hill South’s Marching Panthers got a new drill writer for their show “Earth: together we will make a difference.Most students expect this year’s drill to be a lot more eye catching and more difficult.

A new aspect of the Marching Panthers is the Color Guard is now allowed to have a rifle line instead of just strictly flags and dance. A few members of rifle line think that the visuals and work for them might bring down the quality of the show instead of having the all flag and dance routine that they normally opt for.

“I think we will be prepared but I don’t think we will be as clean as we need to be,” said junior Kaley Dustin, on the Color Guard rifle line.

So far, the band has spent around 200 hours learning drill, music and visuals. There will be many more hours to come considering BOA isn’t until Friday, Oct. 20.