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A STUCO Fresh(men) Start

New faces, new name, new class, new fresh start. South STUCO says goodbye to tradition and hello to the idea of change. They call this change Emerging Leaders 1 and 2.

Emerging Leaders 1 was based of the concept of the once formed Civil Leadership course.
It is used as prerequisite to get into the two Emerging Leaders 2 classes , 3rd block split. However, both classes go more in depth into the skills necessary to be a ‘good leader.’ Emerging Leaders 1 consists, at the moment, of all younger classmen who are trying to find their voice in leadership.

“I really do like the class because the teachers really do give you a lot of freedom and let you decide what you want to do,” Skyelar Nelson, freshman.

The class is taught by the principals Dr. Dale Longenecker and Dr. Kerrie Herran who both have experience in the teaching field.

“It’s been fun for us to get back in the feel of having regular contact with students. The students we have are phenomenal. One, they have that excitement for school, because they’re new to Park Hill South. Two, they’re really good at diving in. They’re all in. The students will actually push us more on us trying to meet their needs, then the other way around,” said Herran.

The idea of Emerging Leaders emerged last year from a meeting amongst fellow STUCO members, the principals, and Sarah Adkins, advisor. The name originated from the college course, Emerging Leaders, that many universities have adopted for their own leadership classes, such as University of Missouri and Boston College.

“What we really wanted to do was to expand the reach of leadership. By having one teacher with a max of two sections of split block, we were limited with the max of capacity. By expanding into a third section we were able to have more kids who want to be apart of leadership,” said Adkins.

With new experiences, arises new challenges. STUCO has experienced that already with all three classes.

“We don’t get to interact every day. Also, when we are voting for something- in the past we’ve had all of the same grades in the same class. We’ve gotten to hear all different opinions at the same time. Exec just has to do a better job at communicating opinions to our Emerging Leaders 1 class and Emerging Leaders 1 class to our Emerging Leaders 2 class,” said senior Morgan Berry, STUCO President.

Due to the constant need for communication, STUCO has been using GroupMe from discussions, committee work and developing relationships amongst the three classes.

South STUCO playing their annual Amazing Race during their STUCO Retreat.

STUCO continues to grow each year and come face-to-face with the new. This year they have embraced it and all it’s many wonders.

South STUCO members trying to solve clues during the Amazing Race.

South STUCO upperclassmen treat new freshmen to a night at the golf course.