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South’s Day Off


As the year comes to a close there are barely any days off for us to enjoy. In fact, there was only one day off in the last quarter. While this may be sad because there will only be summer vacation to look forward to after it, this day off is a bit different. This year Day happened to be after a holiday.

Some students may find this as a welcome change. Maybe it will allow for a few more students to get some rest after a day that would require lots of activities.

Liam Clevenger, freshman said, “It makes a bit more sense to have days off on weekends with holidays, instead of it just being randomly placed for no reason.”

Holidays and holiday weekends are busy times for many families, and some people may prefer to have the day, or next day off to relax. But this also raises another concern. What about people who don’t celebrate the holiday? Or what about the people who celebrate holidays they don’t get off? A decision will need to be made. So, how would they decide what holidays to take off and which not to?

Mr.Holder, chemistry. said he would rather it stay seemingly random.
“I kind of prefer ‘randomly’, just works better,” he said.

It seems unsystematic days off may be better for more teachers, while students may benefit more from holiday days off.

While some may believe all 3 day weekends are just placed spontaneously, but the school schedule is planned mostly for teachers, not for students. These days are picked for times that teachers may more likely need.

Only time will tell how these days will work out. Whether this is a one time thing or will be successful in the future is all up to how it is executed. Either way we may see more days off like this in the future.