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Female Sneaker Trends at PHS

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    Nike, Adidas, Birkenstocks , Converse–they have all had their hype in the past in women’s shoe fashion. All girls have their own opinion on what shoes they like, but there is a trend in what girls think that shows what shoes are at the top of the list.
   There’s a lot going on with shoes right now about what shoes are the best and most liked. Everyone has their own opinions about the shoes that are out and trending right now.
   Paige Ecton, a sophomore. Ecton likes Nikes and Adidas, which is what she wears most.
   ”Nike and Adidas shoes are the most comfortable and still stylish,” said Ecton.
She hates Birkenstocks, she says that they’re “super ugly and look like Jesus sandals.” Also,  she think’s that Converse are decent but she has other shoes that she likes more.
Sophie Fulton, a junior. Fulton agrees that Nikes are great shoes, but her favorite shoe is either Adidas Tubulars or Birkenstocks. Fulton said that her Birkenstocks are one of her favorite shoes she’s ever had. Fulton also has the same thought on Converse, they are decent shoes but not her favorite.
Sydney Warren, freshman, loves Adidas shoes, she wears hers almost everyday. For running shoes though, Nikes are for sure her favorite.
“Nikes are the best for running, they are the most comfortable and don’t make my feet hurt,” said Warren.
Warren has mixed emotions about Birkenstocks and doesn’t love them; she’s a fan of Converse, but she is all about how it looks with the outfit that’s being worn.
End the end most girls think that the Nikes are the best shoes in the long run. They are the best for sports and running, but are also stylish. Also, Birkenstocks are over hyped, a good amount of people don’t like the feel and look of them.