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Travel Laws Changing For Missouri Citizens


   Starting in 2018 Missouri residents won’t be able to use their driver’s license as a form of ID at airports. Passports will be required for all travel, including domestic flights.
    Missouri isn’t compliant with the Real ID act. Federal agencies and military bases don’t accept a Missouri license.
The Real ID act was enacted by Congress in 2005.
   According to, the act, “established minimum security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification.”
   In 2009 Missouri passed a state law to protect the privacy of citizens and kept Missouri from complying with the act.
   If the law isn’t changed by Jan. 22, 2018 then Missouri residents will have to get passports because their licenses will be turned down if they use it to fly anywhere.
   Having to use a passport to fly within the country is a problem because there is a fee on passports that some citizens can’t pay.
   To remedy this problem, house bill 151 would require the Department of Revenue to issue a Real ID compliant driver’s license to residents.
   These licenses costs the same as a license is now. The only difference is the addition of documents used for identification and a photo software that uses facial recognition.
   Airports in Missouri plan to tell their legislators that this issue needs to be fixed soon.