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Transgender Rights Under Trump


     On Wednesday, Feb. 22, Donald Trump revoked safekeeping of transgender students who wish to use their preferred bathroom regardless of gender. CNN reports that under the Obama administration, students had been able to use restrooms that correlate with how they identify. Transgender students can still receive protections, however, Trump has left it up to the states to decide what stance to take on the situation.
     Sean Quattlebaum, sophomore, is not shocked with Trump’s movement.
     “I’m not surprised… it’s never been just about bathrooms just like it’s never been just about water fountains,” Quattlebaum said.
     At first, Trump’s draft of the decision caused opposition from the department of Education. Betsy DeVos was originally against the proposal, as reported by CNN. A source told CNN that DeVos expressed her disagreement with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and she was later requested at the White House. The source goes on to explain that DeVos had no choice but to comply with Trump and his decision to revoke protections.
     DeVos reached out to Twitter Wednesday night defending LGBT students.
     “I consider protecting all students, including #LGBTQ students, not only a key priority for the Department, but for every school in America,” DeVos said, according to The Guardian.
     However, DeVos’s Twitter outreach doesn’t change some overall opinions about DeVos.
     “My opinion on her hasn’t changed… and a few quotes about how she cares about LGBT plus students isn’t going to change that,” said Quattlebaum.
     The protections were removed because Trump believed they did not fall under Title IX which outlaws discrimination in schools based on sex, as also reported by CNN. Despite losing federal protection, transgender students can still be protected by their schools and their state.