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PHS Golf Swings Back into Action

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He walks up to the tee box, gets down on one knee, sticks the tee and ball into the short, green grass and stands up. He pulls out his driver and lines up his feet perfectly towards the green.  He takes a deep breath, he pulls his club back smoothly, and then quickly swings through. Whoosh.

With South Boys Golf tryouts this week, the players are fighting for spots on JV and Varsity.  There are two seniors, three juniors and six sophomores.

“I think all six returning sophomores are pretty solid and we will probably each get to play in a Varsity tournament this year,” said Nick Ryan, sophomore.

The captains, Zach Bischler, senior and Harrison Feaster, junior, are working hard to lead the team to victory this year.

“I’m excited to be a captain this year, we have a lot of young talent and I’m looking forward to helping them,” said Feaster.

Even though last season didn’t go as planned, the team is team is still optimistic for the season to come.

“As a team we missed the sectional bid by two points so we are hoping to go to sectionals this year,” said Feaster.

Players on the team have been doing everything they can to prepare for this season.

“I go to the range just to go hit some balls, take lessons to work at perfecting my swing, and go out to play a couple holes all the time. You’ve got to put the work in if you want to have a Varsity spot,” said Kevin Ryan, sophomore.

The teammates are hopeful that their hard work in the preseason will show in not only this upcoming season, but in the years to come.

“The future of the team relies on the underclassmen to keep working hard to improve. If every player in our sophomore class keeps getting better, I really believe that by our senior year we will have a chance to be a top contender,” said Blaine Feaster, sophomore.

With each step into a tee box, teeing up of a ball, and swing of a driver, the South Golf team is determined to be a great team this season.