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Park Hill South Swings Into A New Season

    This year, the South’s baseball team has a lot of returning players and has a very good chance to have a successful this year. Although South did lose some talented seniors such as Jacob Thigpen and  Ryan Callahan, we still have a lot of talent from last years sophomores.
     Jake Kline, senior third basemen, said, “We have a lot of returners and a chance to be successful this season.”
Kline is also a star basketball player at South, so he did not have much of a chance to work on his game in the offseason but still thinks he will have an alright season. Kline would really like the baseball team to do really well for his senior year and would like for the basketball team to finish off good as well.
Collin Brougham, junior, is also a basketball player but is more involved with baseball. Brougham has attended two camps during the offseason, practices with his club team, and has done individual workouts also. He believes that he and the team are going to do really well this season because personally he has now had experience and the team has also has had experience with teammates.
Brougham said, “One player that stands out on our team is Ryan Hagen, because he is a very good pitcher and a good overall player.” Brougham is an outfielder and also a pitcher.
Will Fricker, freshman, hopes to maybe move up to JV this year. Fricker has a lot of power and has a good chance of having a very good season if he gets his arm better. Personally he has worked out with his club team a lot and gone to many individual workouts at Premier Baseball.
Fricker also believes that the freshman baseball team could have the best record ever like the freshman basketball team did. Although Fricker is having a lot of problems with his elbow he hopes to “maybe pitch sometime this season.” He is going to try and improve his baseball skills even more this season by hitting with dad on the off days and on the weekends.
Despite the loss of players the team still hopes to have successful season.