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Night Time Routines

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From brushing your teeth, to washing your face, to putting your pajamas on, students at South had different routines in what they did to prepare themselves for bed.
“I throw a frozen meal down my throat and hit the hay,” says Bhry Cayton(9).
Cayton says she doesn’t have enough time to be “extra”, and says she already gets to bed by 11 p.m. after volleyball practice, homework, and her mom griping at her.
“I don’t think it’s important to have a set night time routine, as long as you get sleep,” says Cayton.
Freshman Jelisea Stuart thinks otherwise.
She says, “I have to pamper myself a little bit so I can get ready for the night and the next morning.”
“I take a shower, do my hair, brush my teeth, wash my face with my favorite face soap Biore, put my pajamas on, then watch TV before I fall asleep,” says Stuart. “I cannot without a doubt sleep with no TV.”
Cayton’s mom makes sure all electronics are turned off by 10 p.m.
Payton Murray(10) says his number one priorities are, “making sure my sisters are asleep safe and sound, then I can get on my workout grind to prepare for next season.”
Murray says he tries to avoid social media as much as he can so he can focus on what’s important. He says electronics can affect your behavior not just how you sleep at night but the next morning and how you brain functions at school.
He says his number one tip for high school students who are addicted to their electronics is “Use it as a reward, so say you do good on a test then you privilege yourself to be on your phone for a good 30 minutes. Kids can never put them down especially before bed, so whatever you can do to break away from that habit then do it.”
Even certain teachers have special things to get ready for bed.  Laura Lenhert, art, says she cannot sleep alone at night and says she can only sleep with her head propped up with two pillows.
“I have to make sure everything for my classes is prepared the next morning, and I of course have to brush my teeth after having dinner,” says Lenhert. “My weekday and weekend night routine stays constant. I like to stay on a decent sleep schedule.”
As you can see, students at  South have very different and unique bed time routines, whether it is working out at midnight to watching TV until midnight or going to sleep before it is even the next day, students do what fits their needs to have a good night and early morning.