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More than a Game

   Football rivalries can be the most intense and heated games in sports. Park Hill and Park Hill South have been battling for the hill for almost 20 years, and South looks to become king in the upcoming seasons.
   “From a perspective of a fan, it really is a drop everything and go to the game type of mindset for us. If they are playing on Friday night, you know about it, and you will be there. It definitely is the game to go to if you want to see action,” said Max Ghasemi, junior.
   It is a big game for not only the fans, but the players as well, as the crowd grows from big to downright huge when South plays Park Hill. It can make the difference in winning and losing. Last season the two fought it out, it ended in defeat for South as the final score was 23-24. Last second heroics from Park Hill’s star linebacker Seven Wilson seemed to be the difference.
   “The thing that makes the battle for the hill so heated is that players from both sides grew up with each other, and I think that is what makes it so special. It really is a pride thing when you get out there in front of all of those people,” said Ben Becker, Junior and starting left tackle for the Park Hill South football team.
   Head Football Coach Mike Sharp has a different take; he coached at Park Hill for six long years before becoming defensive coordinator for his first year, and then getting named Head Coach of the Park Hill South football program. Despite Park Hill moving to 6A due to size, Coach Sharp thinks that Park Hill and Park Hill South will be rivals for a long time.
   “I believe that Park Hill and Park Hill South will have a rivalry for as long they are schools,” said Sharp. “Anytime a team shares a name, things tend to get personal. I do think that Staley is coming up the list for rivals in 5A, but nonetheless, Park Hill will always be our number one.”