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The Hassle of Homework

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Students balance homework and the other events in their lives

    Loss of sleep, pressure, anxiety, and stress. These are all things most students experience when they have homework.
Lots of students at South have hours of homework every night and wish they had more time to play sports and hang out with their friends. Students feel pressured to finish their homework on time and also end up losing sleep and free time in the process of doing so.
According to Education Week, the average number of hours of homework for high schoolers is 3.5 hours per night, or over 17 hours every week. However, at South, there is a wide variation of students’ amount of homework depending on their grade level and the classes they are taking.
Grace Andrews, freshman, said that she has about one hour of homework each night. She wishes that she had more time to hang out with her friends and play tennis other than doing homework.
Andrews said, “AP human geography is the class I have the most amount of homework in. It really stresses me out and is my hardest class.”
The amount of homework freshmen have varies. Some freshmen have quite a bit, like Andrews, while others don’t have as much, such as Bhry Cayton.
Unlike Andrews, Cayton said her amount of homework does not affect her social life because she barely has any at all. The maximum time it takes for her to finish her homework is around 30 minutes.
However, upperclassmen feel differently than Cayton and most have much more than her.
“The older you get, the most homework you get,” said Claudia Chou, sophomore.
Chou said Anatomy is the most difficult class for her because she has homework in that class almost every night in that class. Chou also said she has around five to six hours of homework every night and she sometimes doesn’t finish until 2 a.m.
According to Abby Norris, junior, juniors have the most amount of homework because most of them are taking the hardest classes.
Norris said that she has way more homework than she did as a freshman and as a sophomore because she is taking more challenging classes and has more work to do daily. Plus, she said she is getting ready for college, which makes getting her homework done even more tough.
Norris was on varsity for tennis, and spends a lot of her time playing, as well. Norris said she plays two hours two nights a week, along with a private lesson for an hour on the weekends.
“I always try and finish my homework, but tennis is important to me, and I would much rather play tennis than do homework,” said Norris.
Norris also said if she does not finish all of her homework, it’s not that big of a deal to her. She said she needs sleep and doesn’t want to stay up late trying to cram in all of her work.
Homework may cause a loss of sleep and free time, stress, and anxiety; however, students still try their hardest to have time to play sports and do the things they want to do.