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Art Gallery or Spirit Store?


     Ever wondered what was behind the art in the art gallery behind the boards of work? Ever wondered if there was a secret room, or offices? Ever maybe said this could be used for something so much greater? A project, and area where collaboration, and unity could skyrocket. Guess what you’re not alone.
     The art gallery by the cafeteria has for a long time been a space where the talented artists of South could display their works to the entire school. But let’s look at what South Students really want. When surveyed if students would rather have a spirit store, or an art gallery in that space, 90% of students stated they would rather have a spirit store instead of an art gallery.
Think of the possibilities. Remember that dumb door competition that we had to do in tutorial? How about instead of doing a door competition, a shirt, or spirit piece design competition and the winner gets inducted into the store.
This shows students the possibilities of their hard work generating revenue for a cause, and not just designing a door for the heck of it. How would you as a student feel? If one of your designed shirts generated hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in sales all going back to your very own school. Not only did you experience real teamwork, and collaboration as if in a real life situation, but your reaped rewards for your hard work.
This also opens potential for business, and entrepreneurship classes, like Marketing, Intro to Business, etc to design marketing campaigns, and sales strategies to get their product off the shelves.
So what do you think? Let’s see if the elite in South will listen to their own student body.