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South’s View on the Existence of Aliens

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     Scientists have recently discovered 7 new Earth sized planets orbiting a small star close to us. It’s roughly 40 light years away, but it’s sparking the alien conspiracy once again.
     “The reason I think aliens exist is because apparently NASA found seven more planets, but what if they have always lived on those seven planets and we just haven’t known about them yet? I was actually captured by an alien last night. They look like short midgets and are a light bluish green. It’s really cool because they can levitate too! By the way, you can really squish them down and you can kick them,” said Jonathan Roberts, senior.
Some people have believed in aliens all along.
   “Aliens exist. I don’t know if they’re like humans, but there is no way there aren’t aliens who live in a different society. The universe is huge, there is no way that we are the only living things. Sometimes I wonder if they are watching us,” said Olivia Kinsey, senior.
    Others like Andrew Stewart, senior, believes they have actually visited us before and have helped us shape history.
“I believe in aliens. Aliens have been here for a very very long time. In Egypt, the aliens built the pyramids. If you do the math, [they] say they took the bricks up with a ramp, a ramp at a 12% grate to push the stones up. It would have to be four and a half miles long. There is no evidence of any four and a half mile long ramp. The work it would take to build the pyramids without any extraterrestrial intervention would be enormous,” said Stewart.
There is even a teacher at South that believes that there are even extraterrestrials at our school.
“I sure do believe in aliens! I deal with them everyday! Some of the kids here are aliens. One night I was in a fraternity house and I was walking down the steps and something pushed me from behind. I looked back and I couldn’t hear anyone running,” said Robin Heilig, teacher.
Yet there are still some skeptics at our school that don’t believe without seeing the facts.
“I don’t believe in aliens. I’ve never seen one and the robots haven’t found them either. I’ve heard about scientists discovering other planets similar to Earth, but it’s a long ways away and you can’t tell unless you are there,” said Liam Dai, junior.