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Muslim Ban


Just a week after Trump took office he put an executive order on banning Seven Muslim majority countries: Libya, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Somalia from entering the US. This was quickly reported as a Muslim ban, because refugees were turned away at airports. People around the world went to airports protesting against the executive order calling it “unconstitutional”. Several suites have been filed.

“My original reaction was kinda just shock, our country was build on people immigrating to the United States,” said Grace Atchison, sophomore

The suspension is planned to last for the next 120 days, and there will be a cap on the number of refugees coming in this year. Syrian refugees have been banned indefinitely.

“ I do not think it was fair at all for the people that had tickets, already on the plane, already in the air, and who had no idea this was happening…” said Sommer Stuhlsatz

The White House says it isn’t unconstitutional because they aren’t basing this off of religion, although protesters say it is because the White House said that the minority religions can come into the US, which are Christians.

“What Trump doesn’t understand is that being Muslim doesn’t make you a terrorist, he’s being very stereotypical and in a world in which you are the leader of an entire nation, you can’t have stereotypes, “ said Bethany Danner, sophomore

Families across the nation are being torn apart, some of these refugees have risked their lives to help out the US government with intelligence of Iraq, have been also turned back. It however now been said that some refugees who have their green card have to get processed again, which could take up to two years. But for now, these people can’t stay or leave, they’re stuck in between crossfires.

“I feel like banning countries around the world from coming into the United States is unamerican, unconstitutional….” said Atchison

This past Friday U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled in favor of the Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who sued this past week over Trump’s executive order. The federal judge in Seattle has now ordered a national halt on enforcing President Trump’s travel ban.

“The Constitution prevailed today,” said Ferguson, “No one is above the law-not even the president”