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Hidden Figures Movie Review


The inspiring story of the African American women that helped NASA get a man in space is told beautifully in the new movie Hidden Figures. Untold for over 50 years, this wonderful tale of three visionary women chasing their dreams is one everyone can enjoy. The movie takes you through all the trials, struggles, and disappointments (scientifically and socially) that led up to one of the most astounding achievements in the history of science.
Offering a unique glimpse into the lives of African American women during the Civil Rights movement, this movie is both inspiring and enlightening. You have the opportunity to experience history in the best way possible – in front of the big screen with a bag of popcorn in your lap.This is a movie that should not be missed.

“Two of my favorite things – powerful women and and NASA,” said Marti Heit, junior, about the movie.