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Grammy 2017 Fashion Review

Rihanna: Umm…all I can say is, “YESSSSS GIRRRLLLL WORK IT!!!”.  Rihanna is one of those girls that can wear anything she wants and still be able to pull it off.  Rihanna is seen wearing Armani Prive and Chopard jewelry.  The orange pairs really nice with the her skin tone, and while the skirt may look busy and over-the-top to some, I believe it works really well for her.  The jewelry isn’t too flashy or gaudy, and matches the outfit really nice.

Andrea Day: There’s always something about vintage fashion that awes me.  The way they styled and cut everything was so clean and simple, yet elegant and expensive.  Andrea Day is wearing Vintage Christian Dior and Chole Gosselin shoes.  This dress screams perfection!  The nudey-orange is very hard to pull off and she pulls it off like it’s no one’s business.  The lavender of the shoes brings a more elegant look to the dress.  The touch of flowers in her hair, give it a more unique and vintage look.  I’m not usually into flower crowns or really believe in the idea of shoving flowers into one’s hair, but this seems to work for her and I like it.  Applause to her.

Taraji P. Henson:  Uh…what? I don’t like it.  I am confused.  In the words of Miranda Priestly: “That’s all.”

Solange Knowles: I think it runs in the family, but dang Knowles got some good genes.  The dress isn’t to my taste, but the dress works for Solange, she looks so freaking good in gold.  The dress is a little too much at the top, but it’s Gucci, so I guess it works…only because it’s Gucci.

Lady Gaga:  For years, Gaga as always worn over-the-top, extravagant costumes and that’s how we all know her.  By saying that, I am not surprised that this is something she is wearing.  I am actually angry by how good she looks in it. IT’S FREAKING CUSTOM MADE FOR HER WHAT THE HECK! (I just pictured myself in this and I literally looked like a sea urchin).  I do have one question for Gaga, how does she walk in those shoes?

Celine Dion: I am having mixed feelings about this dress. Celine is wearing Zuhair Murad. It looks like she took the needles that fell off a Christmas tree, and made it into a dress.  The color is very pretty and the Emerald color looks really nice with her skin color.  I am still confused on how I feel, but…moving on

Katy Perry:  No. It’s ugly and gross.  It’s probably made of real fur.  I usually have a lot of respect for Tom Ford, but this is a thumb-downs for me.

Chance the Rapper:  I’m in love.  I already love him, BUT THAT BOI IN A SUIT.  He looks clean, crispy and fresh.  Chance is wearing a suit designed by Thom Browne and it’s probably the best gift given in this world.

Carrie Underwood: She looks like hot cheeto.

Adele: Awwwwww, what a little cutie!  She looks so freaking good.  Adele is wearing Gievenchy and it looks so freaking good on her.  All I can say is that she looks amazing and perfect and I love her.

Cee Lo Green: God himself made an appearance at the Grammy’s and I have never been so happy in my life.