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A Review on A Dog’s Purpose


Doesn’t it seem like your dog is always there for you? Whenever you’re happy, sad, or overall frustrated with life, your dog will always be there for you. They get overly excited when you get home, and get really depressed when they see you about to leave. A Dog’s Purpose is all about how one dog comes back multiple times and serves a different purpose to each owner. The whole time you can hear the dog’s thoughts. The movie does a great job showing what a dog is thinking. The story-line could have been better but it was a tearjerker and enjoyable to watch. It is a family movie for sure but also one you could watch with your friends. There was a controversy about the dog being forced into water, but the video was edited, so that is nothing to woof about. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and think it is worth seeing, but maybe wait for it to be out of theaters.