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Reign Review


When browsing Netflix for my next fix, I stumbled upon the CW’s ‘Reign.’ Netflix gives a sparse overview of the show saying, “Mary, Queen of Scots faces political intrigue in the treacherous world of the French Court.”
That overview alone made me not want to watch it for a long time. Who wants to watch a show about politics of the Renaissance period?
But out of sheer boredom, I finally caved and started on a journey to navigate the twisted world of Mary, Queen of Scots.
The very first episode begins with someone trying to kill the beloved queen. She is immediately sent to the French castle where Prince Francis (her fiance since childhood), lives. She is hopeful that she will come to love Francis, and he will come to love her. But seeing as they’d been arranged to be married at the age of six, she has her doubts.
In the midst of wistful thinking, Mary also has to be wary of danger around every corner. There is a pagan cult sacrificing humans in the woods, a murderous Queen, and a hidden girl in the wall, that threaten to end Mary’s life, and render her country obsolete.
Reign shows that one decision can make a country thrive, or crumble to the ground.
This show has me on the edge of my seat, screaming at the character’s for doing something stupid. At school I wait in anticipation for the day to be over, so I can go home and watch this show.
I am so invested in the lives of these character’s that I have looked up what happened to these historical figures in real life. The show can’t be given points for being historically accurate, but I understand that history needs to be changed for the sake of plot.
I give this show 4/5 stars, because it inaccurately represents the time period in clothing and music, but the fascinating plot, and the depth of the character’s make for this show to be worth anyone’s time.