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Russel Mania

Once Kevin Durant shocked the world with his announcement to leave OKC and join the already stacked Golden State Warriors, we weren’t sure how things would look for the Thunder but we did know one thing for sure, this was Russel Westbrook’s team.

Now the clear superstar in OKC, Russel Westbrook has made the most out of being the clear leader of the team by averaging a ridiculous 31 points, 10 rebounds, and 11 assist a game. The only other person to average a triple double 20 games in was the legendary Oscar Robertson who went on to be the only player to average one all season.  

Westbrook’s performance is not just helping his stats out but it is helping his team out to. The Thunder are 12-8 now and at this time last year they were also 12-8. Granted 12-8 isn’t a jaw dropping number as they are 5th in the conference, but it is impressive when you think about the fact they lost a top three player in the league. They are currently on a four game winning streak after Westbrook hit a game tying three pointer last night in a game versus his old coach Scott Brooks.

Russel Westbrook’s game has gained recognition of many including the great Michael Jordan. In a recent speech in Oklahoma Jordan shouted out Westbrook complimenting his mentality as he compared him to himself but more importantly he respected his loyalty to the Oklahoma City Thunder. I have never seen someone who plays with such intensity and grit as Westbrook does. I think Durant leaving gave him confidence that he is the clear face of the franchise, so when you combine that killer instinct he has with a huge confidence boost the possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to see how this historical season plays out.