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Purrr-fect Fashion

Fashion is fun for everyone even when it comes to your pets. Your pets fashion could be from costumes to polo sweaters to pants to shoes.

Animal fashion started booming in the 19th century when big manufacturing companies like Target and Walmart. But, animal fashion was still going on before that.

In 1833, Princess Victoria wrote that she had dressed up her little dog in jeans and a jacket. Dog fashion shows started becoming big when New York hosted a fashion show just for dogs.(Montecristo Travels Inc.)

But how is animal fashion affecting students at South?

Jordan Jones, freshman, dresses up her little chihuahua in animal costumes such as a football, taco, princess, sweaters and bandanas.

“I think it’s funny when I dress her up, especially in the taco costume but she likes to eat and bite it,” she said.

Some costumes for animals are supposed to make them feel warm and comfy. Although, that doesn’t seem to be the case for some pets, such as Jones’s.

Some people have different opinions on dressing up their pets.

Garrett Lee, freshman, also dresses up his pets. He says, “Honestly, dressing up pets is so adorable.”

But on the other hand, Jones says, “It’s kind of weird when people put their animals in clothing and costumes, but it’s really funny.”

Although dog fashion goes for some people and pets, it doesn’t go for Maddisen Clevenger, freshman, who said she thinks dog fashion is “weird” and didn’t really know that people dress up their pets.  

“I do have some friends that dress up their dogs and I think it can be funny but, I wouldn’t dress up my dog.” Clevenger said

As you see different fashion is going throughout South and the students.