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Chiefs Recap Week 14

The Chiefs beat the Oakland Raiders 21-13. The defense is the only reason the Chiefs are winning. Tyreek Hill also returned a punt which had a lot of momentum.

“Before the return, the crowd started yelling TYREEK, TYREEK, TYREEK!” said Ethan Farrow.

The game was so cold but I don’t think it was a big factor. The second half of the game was super boring I thought.

“I thought the game was going to be a lot colder, but I dressed warm enough and it didn’t bother me,” Farrow said.

The offense was actually half good last night. I was actually surprised about the offense. And the defense was as good as it normally is.

I think that the Chiefs will make the playoffs and will advance pretty far. If the Chiefs keep winning like this, I like the direction we are going.

“Chiefs keep playing lights out, they are going to do big things.”