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Break Away from Home for the Holidays

Christmas always seems to start earlier than the actual date. Even before Thanksgiving comes around, we see stores stocked full with ornaments, trees, stockings, and every type of decoration you could ask for. And for students, the treasured winter break is well-needed time off to visit other people.

The tradition of waiting for Santa at home is undergoing a change. People are finding the call of spending their time off farther and farther away from home, whether it be North or South, visiting family or friends, much more appealing.

Several students at South are spending this year’s winter break away from home, and visiting friends or family they don’t get to see so often. One junior, Don Baker, plans to spend his break this year away.

“I’m traveling to Omaha to see my grandparents,” Baker said.

Although some people would rather spend this break at home, Danielle Beaubien, junior, is looking forward to spending it with her sister in Michigan.

“I don’t see my older sister a lot, and spending this break with her will be fun since she’s super festive,” Beaubien said. “We don’t really have a tradition except for we always have stockings.”

To Beaubien, being away this break brings more joy than a lot of others.

“I grew up in Northern Michigan, surrounded by snow even before Halloween. Christmas’s always been one of my favorite times because you can decorate everything you want,” she said.

For some South students, winter is one of the most enjoyable breaks they get from school. Sophomore Arantxa Bojorquez isn’t spending this break away, but still finds it exciting.

“I love snow. It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without it, so I’m really hoping it snows here soon,” Bojorquez said.

Not only is the break a stress-relieving time from school, it’s a time to spend with family and friends, a time to enjoy decorating the tree, and to give gifts to the people who matter to you.