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Back To The Art

We are lucky enough to have many Art teachers here at South. But do you ever wonder why they chose to be a teacher rather than a professional, or how long they’ve been an art teacher?

Courtney Young actually was a professional artist.

“I was in corporate for designing, but then I resigned to become a Stay At Home Mom. Then I went back to school to be certified to teach,” she said.

She has been certified since last December but has had a full time since August. Last year substituted for two semesters, one for elementary, and one for Park Hill. She chose to become an artist because it was what she enjoyed and was good at.

“My favorite thing about teaching art is getting to know students, and see their artwork. Help them reach their own potential to make really cool art or know they’re doing really well,” she said.
Kathy Thompson chose to be an art teacher because education was in her family. Her mother and her grandmother were both teachers. She likes to help students, wanted to make a living, and wanted to work with kids. She has been teaching art for 24 years.

“I chose to be an artist because when I was a child I was always experimenting, and drawing. I would even draw on the walls of my house, and under furniture,” she said. “My favorite thing about being an artist is coming up with new ideas, and seeing the results of something that I created.”

Laura Lenhert was the oldest of four children, knew she could do art later in life, and wanted to be a teacher. She has also been teaching art for 24 years.

“Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be an artist, it’s been my interest for my whole life,” she said. “My favorite thing about being an artist is coming up with an idea that actually works, and seeing how it turns out, even though it might take a while.”

Even if you don’t know it, art teachers might have an interesting history, or any teacher in general, and we are very lucky to have multiple art teachers.