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AFC West Up for Grabs?

The AFC West is up in the air right now. The Chiefs being 10-3 and the Raiders being 10-3. Right behind you got the Denver Broncos at 8-4. Honestly I think the Chiefs will win the division and the Raiders will be the Wild Card.

The Chiefs have the upper hand over the Raiders if they tie at the end of the season. The Raiders have to play the Chargers, Colts, and Broncos, a pretty tough match up. The Chiefs have to play the Titans, Broncos, and Chargers. Not bad at all, but not easy.

I think the Chiefs will finish at 12-4 while the Raiders finish at 11-5. Enough to get in the playoffs.

The Chiefs need to keep passing to Travis Kelce for the offense to keep up. Also the defense needs to keep playing like they are. If they do that I think they will be good. I think the Chiefs clinch the division and advance pretty deep in the playoffs.