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4 Your Eyez Only

J. Cole is an artist who we haven’t heard from a while, and his new album “4 Your Eyez Only” finally released last week. Cole had a lot of expectations with the release of his new album, considering that his last release, “2014 Forest Hills Drive” went platinum with no features and is almost universally regarded as a very impressive record.
With that being said, his last release really shaped how people were perceiving his new album, leading there to be differing opinions on his newest installment.
4 Your Eyez Only takes a much more laid back approach in comparison to most of 2014 Forest Hills Drive, as mellow beats allow for Cole to really explore his opinions and speak his mind on issues. This sharp contrast to the last album made some people dislike it initially, as Cole tells stories that let you see deeper into him as a person rather than simply hype up a crowd.
In my opinion, this is an album that’s impressive, and really connects with you if you listen to it in the right environment. To those who aren’t initial fans, I challenge you to put on a pair of headphones and truly listen to Cole’s words while locked away in your room, where it’s almost as if he’s speaking to you personally.
“He’s telling a story instead of just speaking. You understand the point he’s trying to get across,” said Kyle Werth, junior, “If you only listen to rap for something to bump in your car, it’s definitely not for you. This is something that if you really want to take the time to sit down and process everything he’s saying, it’s much more of an emotional work than people nowadays put out. It appears more to someone’s intellectual side than just the beat heavy popular rap that you see from artists like Drake.”