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Wishing for Ouija?

During fall and Halloween many people get out Ouija boards and try to scare their friends by moving it.  Pretending to be contacting the spirit world is how the new movie,” Ouija Origin of Evil”, starts.

This movie takes place in 1965, Los Angeles.  Alice Zander, played by Elizabeth Reaser, runs a business out of her house where people can contact the spirit world and make peace with their deceased loved ones, but it’s all a scam.  One night her eldest daughter Lina Zander, played by Annalise Basso, goes to a friend’s house and plays with an Ouija board.  Knowing that the board is fake, she decides to tell her mom about it, to add it to the act.  After her mother purchases the board it starts getting scary.

I thought that it took a little while to get to the scary part, but when it did, it didn’t stop.  In the first Ouija movie they spread the scary parts out with breaks in between.  The movie isn’t all that scary, but it was scarier than the first movie.  Sometimes it was scary, but it was very predictable, it was also more jump scares than anything else.

A few times that the movie is the creepiest were the first time that Doris, played by Lulu Wilson, first plays with the board.  The first time she touches it she is trying to connect to her father’s spirit, but she does not think it is working, so she leaves the room after asking if her father is there.  As soon as she leaves, you see the board move to no.

Another part that was scarier was when Doris looks through the eyepiece of the small wooden triangle, also known as a planchette and at first she doesn’t see anything, but then she turns her head a little more and she sees two ghosts, one with her mouth sewn shut.

There were some minor points in the movie that didn’t match up with the first one, but you could see the connections with the main plot points. One example is with the dates, in the first movie they mention that the Alice died and Doris disappeared in 1952, but the new movie takes place in 1965.

Also, in the movie Doris dies towards the end of the movie, but at the very end she is back.  This was confusing to both my friends and I when we watched it.

This movie seemed to be scarier than the first, but I personally liked the first one better.  This movie got a rating of 6.5 out of 10 on IMDB.  I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10.  The major downfalls in the movie were the times it didn’t match with the first movie, the confusion with Doris, and that they didn’t include some of the scenes everyone saw and was looking forward to from the trailers.