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Why play rugby?

Why do people play rugby? Most people think that rugby and American football are exactly the same. Both have two teams that have to score points by taking the ball behind the opponent’s goal line. They both score points by running the ball, passing to other players, and kicking the ball between two posts.

It turns out that there are a few differences between the two sports. An American football team includes 11 people while rugby teams include 15. Rugby is a worldwide sport and the USA is the only place where American football is played.

Both may be equally physically intense games but rugby only requires a mouthpiece, while American football has a series of padding and helmets that are required. And other than a few cosmetic differences that’s about it.

“I mean I don’t really see a difference between the two other than no protection and different types of clothes, but then again I don’t really watch rugby,” said Kian Comstock, grade 10.

South rugby team’s season is over but the new season is around the corner. Last year they almost made it to the championships but lost by a hair. Last year we played 16 games and only lost one.

“Our team was full of big guys and we were always ready for a fight. In every game but a few we would put up several points up on the scoreboard, so if a team would put up points first we would get mad and make up for it by aggressively putting up points. We were on a 14 winning game streak and ended up beating Rockhurst, number 17 in the nation,” said AJ Bishop, sophomore.

Most people play rugby for many reasons. Some include that the game is more than just muscle, it requires the player to study a lot about the game. This is because there are many tactics that should be learned to be a successful rugby player.

Another reason why people play rugby is because you can get really physically tough. In rugby you are encouraged to exercise regularly and it pays off by helping the team and yourself. And a final reason people play rugby is because almost anyone can play it. Whether you are tall, short, fat, or thin there is always positions for all body types as well as various leagues.

“I play rugby because when I played football I could never score, but in rugby I can. Another reason I play rugby is because the whole team is just a big family. The coach is extremely passionate and expected greatness and we delivered,” said Bishop.

Later this year South is going to the nationals in Chicago. South will be facing North Illinois and a few other European teams. The South rugby team will be playing this to win the national championships.rugby2