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“The Other Woman” Still Worth the Watch

Want to stay laughing and interested throughout a whole movie? “The Other Woman” put comedy and romance together and accomplished a well-put together movie. In this movie, there is a man that is playing three women. Those women soon come together and become friends and start to plan revenge on the guy that played them all. The main characters are Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton, and Leslie Mann. Mann, as Kate, was married to the guy that was seeing all these other girls and wants him to feel the pain that he put her through.

Nick Cassavetes directed this movie. He is very famous for many other movies like “The Notebook” and “My Sister’s Keeper”. Those movies were also big hits as well. The movies he has directed are similar because they all involve love. However, they are not all comedies.

Throughout the movie, you can expect some laughs. The comedy in this movie is very natural, not that type of movie that tries too hard to be funny. One scene, Diaz and Mann fall into the bushes and they end up on top of each other. The yard workers pass them and all they see is Diaz and Mann’s legs. It makes it seem like Diaz is very flexible, however it it just Mann’s legs straight up in the air. The yard workers look very confused. The three main characters were a well fit for this movie because their acting was just right.

Much of the filming took place in parts of New York, including Long Island, The Hampton’s, and Westhampton Beach. Also, at some point in the film it was located in Nassau, The Bahamas. The Atlantis Paradise Island that is in the Bahamas was also a location that was shot in the movie. The scenes shot in the Bahamas were extravagant. The water was crystal blue, gorgeous.

I give this movie four out of five stars because it kept my attention and kept me laughing. The only thing they could’ve done to make a scene better was by making blood look more real. At a point in the movie, the cheating husband gets a bloody nose and the “makeup” for it looked fake. They could’ve done a better job with that.

This movie came out two years ago in April. I continue to watch this movie because in my opinion, it doesn’t get old. Makes me laugh every time, and it will make you laugh too.