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Prediction week 10 Chiefs vs Panthers

This week the 6-2 Kansas City Chiefs play the 3-5 Carolina Panthers. The Panthers haven’t been playing up to their height from last year. The game will be in Carolina, I think that the game will be close.

“The game is going to be close, I think the Chiefs will pull ahead,” said Jackson Dixon.

The Panthers started off weak, starting at 1-5. Losing four games in a row after going 1-1. Lately they have improved winning their last two. Getting their all-star running back Jonathan Stewart back. Lately the Chiefs haven’t done well against the run and their safeties have been top notch. So Cam Newton is going to have to give the ball off and run a lot more if they want to beat the Chiefs.

I think the game will be low scoring, like a 20-13 game, those are my favorite type of games. The Chiefs will need to score more for there to be a chance though. I’m not worried about the defense, but the offense kind of scares me.

The Panthers have given up on average 26 points per game, and that is a lot. Kansas has only given up around 18 per game.

“The Chiefs defense is top notch, against the Panthers, I like this match up.” said Dixon

I think that the Chiefs will pull away and win a close game in Carolina.