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Indian or Pakistani?

Moti mahal has many different chicken and rices that i suggest for you and your families.

When I first ate this indian food i did not go into Moti Mahal, so i had no idea what it would be like. I was suggested to eat here from one of my friends who is friends with the owner of the restaurant.

I was amazed the first time i took a bite, i knew i would start eating this way more often. I knew i liked this kind of food because my dad makes pakistani food all the time for me and my brother but indian food tastes so much like it and it’s great because then i can eat it anytime i want because i live with my mom and visit my dad only on saturdays. So when i do get to eat it, it’s super special for me because i don’t get to have it as often.

I think that i would be okay with eating this every day as a normal meal and never get tired of it. Although i do believe indian food has more of a spicy taste to it then pakistani food. Most of my family agrees that indian food is good but my mom cannot stand it. I think that if you are the type of person to like spicy food then you should try going to Moti Mahal.

When i actually went into the restaurant for the first time i was amazed by how well they put together the buffet during lunch hours and i thought that i was served very well. I think going during the buffet the food is around $20 dollars cheaper, and way easier so then you can try many different foods but still get the food you want. They also give you options of dessert at the end of your meal which also makes it 10 times better because indian dessert is so much different than typical american food.

I would rate this restaurant 5 out of 5 stars because the people were very friendly and happy to serve me every time i would go. I would come back here any day because i believe that the restaurant was well put together and much better than any other indian food place i’ve been to.

I tried the butter chicken meal which comes with rice, and to me i think that the basic indian food is very good but if you come during buffet hours they have many different choices like Chicken tikka saag, Chicken Korma, and Goa curry. Which i believe they are all very tasty and different flavored.