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Fort Osage Game Preview

As South’s football team prepares to take on Fort Osage for a District championship tonight, now’s a good time to get a preview of the team as we continue deeper into the postseason.

The Panthers now enter tonight’s game sitting at a staggering 9-1, and look to add another tally into the wins column.

The key for tonight’s game is going to be to get defensive stops, as our offense has proved that they’re capable of points on the board. However, the Panthers have had trouble in the second half consistently this season. They’ll need to make sure they can carry any momentum they create in the first half throughout the rest of the game.

A more internal problem will be their mentality going into this game.

“We have a bad habit of undervaluing teams we come up against” Taylor Tobin, Junior, said.

But the team’s not the only one with lots of confidence in their abilities, many students believe they’ll have a strong rest of the season.

“I think we’ll make it to the state championship, and put up a good fight,” senior Matt Dieleman confidently stated, “but I don’t know how good the other side of the bracket is.”

Junior Jimmy Nguyen also felt very strongly about South’s chances to win it all.

“I predict that our football team will power through and become state champs finishing the season,” he said.

The Rage Cage hasn’t let the success of the team this season go unnoticed, either. They’ve presented themselves as a much more energized student fan base than last year.

“The Rage Cage this year is a lot better than the one we had last year,” Chase Putnam , senior, said.

However, seniors still feel it could be better, saying things like, “You need to get loud our we’ll scream at you,” or, “You gotta get into it more, It’s more fun when everyone’s cheering and paying attention to the game.”

Last year’s team didn’t perform well, and that impact was shown in student’s expectations for the team going into this year.

“I thought we were gonna be a .500 team,” Putnam stated. “I didn’t expect us to win the conference.”

The team has ignored these opinions, paying no attention to how others felt as they kept winning, all the way to a conference championship. This season has restored new faith in the fanbase, and has led many to predict a win for tonight’s game.

Many people still put the game close, but all still have South coming out on top. Matt Dieleman, senior, predicted a scoreline of 20-13 featuring a game winning touchdown from Sam Beuerlein.

Putnam said he expects a scoreline of 24-21, putting faith in kicker Stephen Personelli, who has performed well this season.

It’ll be a hard-fought game, so make sure to get out tonight at 7 p.m. to support the Panthers at home as they continue on the road to State!