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Everyone needs a little help

You probably will need some help with the amount of tissues you will be bringing to this movie.

“The Help” centers around African-American maids of the 1960s. This drama really focuses on the ups and downs of being “The Help” and how their lives changes because of one person.

Viola Davis really stand out in her role as Aibileen Clark, selling what is really feels like to be the help and how many struggles they go through. Seeing other character Viola Davis plays in other movies such as “Suicide Squad” and the series “How To Get Away with Murder”. She is the actress to be looking for.

Emma Stone who plays Skeeter Phelan really pulls the movie together with her character making a life changing decision that changes the lives of a few forever.

Some of the scenes could use some touching up. For example when the movie centers around one book.

Yet, there are some good scenes. When Aibileen told Mae Mobley “You is kind, you is smart, you is important” That scene is sure to set your emotions flying.

The overall plot of the story sends a good message, but the part of the plot that doesn’t seem right is how one book can change everyone’s lives. But then again, one thing a person does can go a long way.

Bring some tissues because this movie is sure to make you cry. The movie has a lot of sentimental and heartfelt moment that will sure leave you in tear.

It doesn’t matter if you are a bookworm, or love enjoying the big screen. You are sure to love both movie and the book.

This movie deserving of 4.5/5 stars.