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Chiefs Recap Week 9

The Kansas City Chiefs were without Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and Spencer Ware in week 9. Luckily it was the against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are now 2-6, While the Chiefs are 6-2.

“It was actually a pretty boring game, there wasn’t a lot of scoring and it seemed like they (the Chiefs) kicked a lot of field goals,” said Cameron Ferraro.

Nick Foles is not the ideal quarterback in anybodies eyes. He is an alright backup, but can’t throw the ball at all. I’m actually surprised that the Chiefs won. Next week the Kansas City Chiefs need Alex Smith, Spencer Ware, and Jeremy Maclin.

Albert Wilson catches a 23 yard pass from Foles to score the first points of the game. With 10 minutes left in the second quarter, Cairo Santos kicks a 26 yard field goal. Now with only 2 seconds left until half, Allen Robinson (Jaguars) catches a short pass and puts the Jaguars on the board before half.

“After they scored before half, there was a mutter of disbelief for a minute or so,” said Ferraro.

They couldn’t believe they let the Jaguars score. But the Chiefs were still up at half 10-7.

With 8 minutes left, Santos kicks a long 51 yard field goal and with 4 minutes left, he kicks another 24 yard field goal. And with 10 minutes left in the game, he kicks yet another field goal, this time from 36 yards.

“The game was pretty boring after we kicked what seemed like 300 field goals.” said Ferraro.

Chiefs are up 19-7 at this point. But with 4 minutes left, Blake Bortles has a 13 yard pass. The Chiefs still up 19-14. But it is not enough for the Jaguars and the Chiefs win.