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Where’s The Ride?

As the early morning dew sits gently on the short blades of grass, the yellow bus rolls up the block. It is early in the morning, way too early but the rowdy kids are still in an uproar. It is 6:45 a.m., but since most students do not have the means to get to school on their own, this is the only option.

The school bus is a big fear for lots of kids because there are so many students on it, many of them rowdy and irresponsible making all the rest suffer. There is little to no supervision on the bus and the atmosphere is stuffy and claustrophobic.

“I do not like being with all the people on the bus, it is a bad crowd and I hear of some stories where kids actually get hurt on there,” said Laurel Burns, freshman.

The school bus picks up kids early and drops them off late with no flexibility. With rigid rules and guidelines many start taking the bus as early as eight years old. Students are forced to take it as they don’t have any other choice.

For kids that have made the decision not to take the school bus as a way of transportation to school, there are many conflicts. There is one immense problem: if they do not have a driver’s license, they will have to rely on others to get to and from school.

For many, this means having their parents take them to school carpooling with another student going to the same place that lives nearby.

“My parents take me to school because it is convenient and I do not have to pay for gas. But there is less freedom attached to it and I cannot always leave for school or go home when I would like,” said Nick Ryan, sophomore.

This is the problem for lots of students who are not driving themselves.

“I have a carpool to get to school. I like it because I don’t have to wait for the bus but if my ride come,s late I get a tardy,” said Sammy Hickey, freshman.

This is a big problem for carpools as even if you have a person going to your school at the same time as you and lives by you which is unlikely, you still have to rely on this person every day.

It is also not a good idea to rely on your own method of transportation either.

“I take the bus every day because sometimes my car doesn’t work. I like not having to worry about it and I do not want to take the chance of being late,” said John Roberts, senior.

For all of these methods of transportation there are pros and cons. It will never be perfect so maybe the rowdy yellow school bus in the morning is the best choice.