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Volleyball Postseason Excitement

South volleyball has always had big expectations. However this year, the expectations are set extra high. They have one goal and one goal only: to make it to State.

So far, South volleyball has had a successful season. Regular season is over and it is now postseason. In regular season, their record was 21-1, making them conference champs for the second year in a row. Last year in postseason in Districts, South lost to St. Teresa’s Academy, which ended their season.

The team has been putting in a lot of work.

Senior Allison Sadler said, ”We are preparing for districts by practicing hard each day, by getting a lot of reps in. We are also scouting the teams that we will most likely play.”

South Volleyball had a bye the first night, which was Monday. Since they were first in their district, they didn’t have to play and got to go to the next round automatically. They played Wednesday, winning both games and are now moving on to sectionals.

Sadler said, “Having a bye the first night helped prepare us more because we got to watch who we will play and that helps prepare us so we know what they do, so we can practice it.”

South ended up being district champions. They beat Oak Park in two games and also beat Park Hill in two games. They beat Oak Park well; however, with Park Hill they had some troubles. The first game ended 28-26 and the second game ended 25-22. Those games were closer together than expected.

Overall, South’s intensity was very high and they were able to pull it off.

JV Coach Roth said, “I think at the beginning it was the best they have ever played, in the Park Hill game. But then we started making a lot of errors, however they didn’t give up and fought back and got a win.”

Once they started getting frazzled, they fought back hard.

Madelyn Hill, sophomore JV player, said, “I think they played well, but there was certain moments where it was questionable if they were going to get out of their slump.”

As for Saturday, it was a big day– the day that the two games determined if South Volleyball would make it to State or not. Unfortunately, South lost the final match. They lost to St. Teresa’s Academy in three.

They were so close, however they didn’t make it.