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The New and Improved Fall Fashion

Whether you’re a fashionista or not, fall season fashion is back and better than ever! Many new styles are out this season, and they’re looking great.


Your typical fall outfit is jeans, boots, sweaters, flannels, vests, and scarfs. Every year, it is basically the same, but each year the style of how you wear it changes. Also, things you thought may never make it back are coming back in style.


For example, the necklace chokers. Those were very popular in the ‘90s, and now they are making their way back around during this fall season.


Jordan Murphy, manager of La De Da boutique said, “We are seeing a lot of over the knee boots, a lot of fringe and chokers are making a big comeback.”


Some more styles that are in this season are faux suede and the colors olive green and burgundy. Popular faux suede can be found on t-shirts and dresses.


The things that La De Da sells most during fall season is sweaters, flannels, lightweight jackets and they sell a lot of Kansas City Chiefs attire that you dress up with cute sweaters, according to Murphy.


Murphy said, “We sell flannels like crazy, we can never keep them in. We always sell out so quickly.”


Paige Riekhof a junior, who is always up to date when it comes to trends said, “During fall season my favorite thing to wear is flannels, sweaters, jeans, vests, and scarfs.”


She also said her favorite fall colors are burgundy and olive green which are the colors that are popular this season.


Some may ask how do you know what the trend is and how do you know what is in style?


Riekhof said, “I follow the trends by seeing it on other people and seeing it on social media.”


Some more styles that are in this season are black ripped jeans. You can see those being worn with short booties, a flannel, or a big loose sweater. People may think the big loose sweaters look “different”, however it is a popular look when you dress it with cute jewelry.  


Another look that is popular is a cute fall dress with over the knee boots and cute jewelry to go along with also.


Jordan Lenz a junior, who is another fashionable up-to-date trend follower said, “I usually shop for my fall clothes at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Francesca’s and etc.”


Not only girls care about fashion, boys have a say in it as well.  


Zach Nay said, “I really like cardigans on girls, but sometimes they over wear them. Also, I like the new style booties that girls are wearing this fall season as well.”


You do not need to be a fashionista to know what the trend is. Like Lenz said, “To keep up with hot trends, all I do is keep up with social media.”